October 14, 2021


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We compared two different whipped coffee recipes to see which tasted best

If you haven’t seen the internet’s favorite viral whipped coffee yet, now here’s your chance.

This three-ingredient coffee drink is embraced all over the world. In Korea it’s called Dalgona, in Greece, it’s the frappe, India dubbed it “beaten coffee” and in Cuba, it’s known as batido. The drink combines milk, instant coffee and sugar for a creamy jolt of caffeine.

In The Know’s Poppy Shen decided to conduct a little experiment by making whipped coffee two ways.

“Today I’ll be making whipped coffee at home and I’ll be comparing two recipes using regular instant coffee and Whipped Drinks coffee,” Poppy said.

For the first drink you’ll need:

Poppy and her boyfriend whisked the instant coffee, sugar and hot water until it was creamy. Then she poured it over a mug of milk.

“It tastes kind of like a coffee-flavored milkshake,” Poppy’s boyfriend said of the homemade whipped coffee. “Just a light, light taste of coffee.”

For the second drink you’ll need:

They whisked the Whipped Drinks coffee packet and hot water for 60 seconds, then pour the mixture over milk. Poppy can’t have caffeine, so her boyfriend conducted the taste test. The results were pretty clear.

But the Whipped Drinks coffee was a bit more impressive.

“It has like a sweet taste on the top. I also like really the consistency and it tastes pretty good,” he said.

In the end, Whipped Drinks was the clear winner.

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