June 24, 2021


For remarkable cuisine

Seasonal recipes celebrate spring

As spring emerges and the world continues to heal, our cooking lightens and our commitment to exercise deepens – in theory, at least. At the very least, sunshine and warm breezes can’t help but brighten our attitude this time of year.

Sheet-pan dinners never get old; they continue to inspire and save time on cleanup. Many of these meals, however, have more oil than I prefer. Luckily, steam can be as moisture-enhancing as oil and fat.

In the fish and veggie sheet-pan recipe that follows, I steam seasoned zucchini and shallots in the microwave – no added fat required – before roasting with haddock and tomatoes. The fish only needs a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for flavor and moisture. The dish yields a hearty portion of veggies and protein with plenty of nutrition and a super-modest calorie count.