October 18, 2021


For remarkable cuisine

Good hot or room temperature, this easy soup can be vegan, vegetarian or filled with ham

Flexibility in any dish is a blessing for a cook. If a dish tastes great whether served hot or room temperature; delicious with meat or without; takes advantage of similarly flavored but different vegetables, all these make it easier for a cook. One can look in the fridge, the garden, a farmer’s market or the produce section of a store and swap around ingredients using ones easily at hand. Grab a flexi-recipe like this one and off you go.

The one thing you have to have to make this soup is boiled potato. It could even be leftovers. Right now, my homegrown potatoes are sprouting in storage. I keep them cold and in the dark, but they know it is spring, and I can use them up or spend time snapping sprouts off to keep them a little longer, or actually, do both.

The recipe calls for leeks, but since they are in the onion family, onions, scallions and leeks all work despite slightly different flavors. I used homegrown onions which are also sprouting, slicing the green tops as if they were scallions, and peeling away the slightly wilted outer layer to get into the firm onion inside. If it were fall, I’d definitely use leeks.