September 25, 2021


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Healthy Food VS Junk Food: How To Train Your Taste Buds | Becky Smith

In the contest between healthy food vs junk food, can you train your taste buds? The answer is “yes.”

A wise and knowledgeable person told me years ago your taste buds will change, but I never understood just how true this is until recently.

We all know that some changes occur because it happens to us over time with many foods.

As you get older, it’s logical to acquire a taste for certain veggies and greens that you wouldn’t eat in your teens and 20s, right?

Foods most people used to crave when they were kids, like sweet cookies and cakes, sometimes lose their allure as they age and the taste for new things develops.

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What I’ve noticed is this: it takes more than just tasting a certain food by itself a couple of times. If done with intention and care, your taste buds can and will change.

Before you know it, you’re giving healthy foods a chance.

So, how do win the fight between healthy food vs junk food?

In most cases, it takes more time and involves allowing yourself to “ease” into the food along with blending it with other flavors to adjust.

Here’s a perfect example: Have you always disliked cucumbers? Try something new by putting one slice of cucumber in a smoothie and see what happens.