October 14, 2021


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13 Healthy Iced Coffee Recipes to Keep You Refreshed

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5 fun ways to upgrade ice cubes

Ice cubes are often a welcome addition to most beverages. But that clink in your drink can be more than just water. Here are 5 easy ways to upgrade your ice cube game. 1. Flower Ice Cubes TikTok user y.na (@y.na__) has garnered over 600k followers for their aesthetic take on ice cubes. From strawberries to wildflowers, it’s been a while since ice cubes looked and tasted this good! As one user said, “I’m an ice eater. That looks like heaven to me”. 2. Matcha Ice Cubes This recipe from TikTok account Pique Tea (@pique) is made by freezing whisked matcha with creamer or milk. Sometimes the tea is best served cold. 3. Fruity Ice Cubes This recipe from TikTok user Chef Nancy (@chefnancyg) is an easy way to incorporate a serving of fresh fruit. 4. Mini Coffee Cubes This hack from TikTok account Station Cold Brew Coffee (@stationcoldbrew) involves freezing any leftover coffee overnight. They also look good enough to enjoy without coffee. As one user put it, “I would eat them like candy lol”. 5. Soda Cubes Never worry about watered-down soda again with this hack from TikTok user Melissa Johnson (@bestfriendsforfrosting). To make these soda ice-cubes, just pour your favorite soda into your favorite ice tray and freeze away