January 19, 2022


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An Easy Vegetarian White Bean Soup Recipe With Pesto Topping

Technically, summer may not be over until late September but we’re stockpiling soup recipes for fall starting as soon as the day after Labor Day—and this simple bean soup recipe from Weekday Vegetarians is certainly on the list of perfect easy weeknight recipes for those first brisk autumnal days.

While the base protein-packed white bean soup is a star on its own, author Jenny Rosenstrach (of the blog Dinner: A Love Story) thinks there’s something special about the extras. “As with many soups, this one is about the add-ons,” she writes, “Serving it with the three suggested toppings (croutons, pesto, scallions) will take this to the next level, but you’re still OK if you only have the time or sanity for the first two.”

She includes a delicious homemade pesto recipe in the book, but if you’re planning to use this recipe on a busy weeknight, you can certainly swap in your go-to store-bought option, too. The charred scallions are a stroke of genius on Rosenstrach’s part, upgrading a classic garnish with a deeper flavor.

Like many other soup recipes, this one will reward you for spending more time with it. Onion is the primary flavor driver in the blend, so while you can cook it for as short as five minutes before continuing the recipe, going for a deeper caramelization will only elevate the dish.