January 18, 2022


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Coffee Creek evacuation orders expand due to River Complex Fire

Update 4 p.m. Wednesday – The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office issued a new warning for the River complex around 2:45 p.m.

For zone 7, all areas south of Trinity Center Boat Ramp along the western shore of Trinity Lake, to the southern tip of Bowerman Ridge.

Also included in zone 7, the southern tip of Bowerman Ridge northwest to Highway 3. From Guy Covington Mill Subdivision north along Highway 3 to Norwegian Ranch Rd.

This area includes all of Bowerman Ranch Road, all of Guy Covington Mill Subdivision including Scenic Drive, Green Horn Gulch, Millview Drive, Bowerman Gulch, Pole Gulch, Smith Gulch and Hayward Flat.

For zone 8, from the East Side Rd. and State Route Intersection north along the Trinity River to Ramshorn Rd.

Included in zone 8, from Rams Horn Rd. and Highway 3 intersection east to Whisky Bill Peak. From Whisky Bill Peak southwest through Red Mountain to the North Eastern Shore of Trinity Lake and from the North Eastern Shore of Trinity Lake, northwest to East Side Rd.

This includes all of East Side Rd. to the East Fork Intersection and all residences and areas along East Fork Rd. and Bonanza King Mountain.

TRINITY COUNTY, Calif.- The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has issued new evacuation orders for north of the Coffee Creek area due to the River Complex Fire.

For Zone 9, all areas north of Hwy 3 and the Rams Horn intersection for two miles on each side of the highway north to Highway 3 and Forest Service Rd 42N17 (IP Rd.) intersection at the Scotts Mountain base is under evacuation orders.

For Zone 10, from the Trinity County line at Scotts Mountain, west to Mosquito Lake and Camp Unalayee, south Tangle Blue Lake, east to the ridge west of Sun Flower Cabins and north to Highway 3.